Giant Hubs


Following the huge success of “Giant Construction – The World's Most Spectacular Bridges”, Giant Hubs will shed a light on the hubs that make us go around the world. This six-part series will showcase some of the world's biggest transportation hubs with international travellers and international freight making their ways to far flung destinations every minute of the day and night. A 24/7 365 day per year non-stop happening, providing jobs for thousands.

Trains, planes or maritime travel – innumerable travellers use these junctions that catapult them to new adventures every day. What kind of planning and logistics are necessary to make the commute, the flight, the trip of millions and millions of individuals possible at all? What goes on behind the scenes to insure that everyone gets where they need to go in a timely manner? Giant Hubs will take the viewer behind the scenes of this almost impossible endeavour and find answers to these and to a lot more questions.

Each episode concentrates on another Giant Hub. Cutting-edge CGI and first-hand narration from key-characters will reveal what it really means to give millions of people and tons of freight on each single day the possibility to reach their expected destination. Hubs that take us here, there, everywhere.


Documentary Sub-Genre

Science & Engineering

Production Company

Maximus Film

Year of Production



6 x 60min in HD