Mega Pit Stops


Everyone knows the pit stops from Formula 1 races: choreographed and rehearsed to perfection - each team member is a cog in an unbelievably complex machine. But let’s put things into perspective: pit stops during races are one thing, but they can’t hold a wrench up to the mega pit stops this show´s got for you – the biggest vehicles on earth: planes, trains and ships.

The series shows what happens, when an Airbus A380 gets taken apart and stripped of its colors within a crazy short time frame. Mega Pit Stops documents how stressful the fight against the clock is when a cruise ship descends to the pit stop or one of the fastest trains in the world has to be completely overhauled in just ten days.
These pit stops require meticulous planning, all the while keeping in mind time frame and safety regulations. The logistics of making sure each expert worker is there where they are supposed to be with the tools needed to complete the job on time and to perfection This five-part series reveals the most fascinating and mind-blowingly huge pit stops on the planet. An insane effort, a constant race against the clock all packed into the most intricate and complex logistical package ever put together.

Thanks to spectacular imagery, cutting-edge CGI and up-close-and-personal proximity to people and creators, Mega Pit Stops provides an all-access look behind the scenes of these mega endeavours. A real inside story behind the most impressive mega pit stops in the world.


Documentary Sub-Genre

Science & Engineering

Production Company

Maximus Film

Year of Production



5 x 60min in HD