The Greatest Crimes of All Time!


Murders, kidnappings, extortions and hostage-takings: The Greatest Crimes of All Time! documents crimes that attracted a lot of worldwide attention and to this day the public as well as the investigators and victims can't get over them.

Based on exclusive archive material, original recordings and interviews with investigators and experts, the 10-part documentary series sheds light on the worst crimes of all time, all cases that shocked the world.

The documentary series combines access to worldwide archive material with new footage of the original locations and current estimates hand-picked by investigators and experts.
Each episode showcases the world’s four to five severest / most popular / most shocking cases in the specific crime subject. The viewer learns how the crime was committed, where the motives of the offender lay, what fate the victim suffered, where the determining technical breakthroughs were and what ultimately happened to the offender up to the present day.


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Maximus Film

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10 x 60min in HD