Remeasuring the World


150 million square kilometers – that's the size of the world's surface. Despite services like google maps, there are still black spots on the worldwide map. Until now. 200 years after Alexander von Humboldt's expeditions, radar satellites, drones and propelled special cameras are remeasuring the world. To the centimeter and around the clock.

Remeasuring the World shows how new technology affects us all. The changing climate, the altered chemical composition of our air and oceans threatens life on our planet. A network of new high-tech satellites is designed to help better understand the dangers of climate change and to prevent the exploitation of nature. At the same time, the trend to track people via GPS, mobile phones, and other devices is increasing exponentially. Tracking one's own child is becoming the norm. Autonomous self-driving cars that communicate independently with each other - guided by satellites - will soon conquer our roads. The Bundeswehr can create three-dimensional terrain models before planning major operations.
With the help of cutting-edge CGI the film explains the high-tech surveillance of our planet in scientific, commercial, social and military areas - and illustrates how our lives are currently being changed by the new opportunities. Remeasuring the World presents no less than a completely new view on our home planet.


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Science / Society

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1 x 60min in HD