Spacetime // NEW SEASON


The universe has been fascinating mankind for many centuries. Scientists have been studying time and space and trying to put together a giant puzzle.

With the help of an ever developing technology, experts in recent years have been able to find ground-breaking answers to questions hundreds of years old.
How important is the discovery of exoplanets for us? Which moons of our solar system can sustain life as we know it? What danger comes from asteroids? Is time travel possible? What are wormholes? This series pursues these and many other exciting questions.

One of the world's most renowned space experts, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Walter, presents the series. Taking part in the Shuttle Mission D-2 Walther belongs to a very exclusive circle of only roughly 500 people who have looked down upon our planet. In six one-hour episodes he provides insights into latest space research, its findings and its impact on our future. Just recently, the possible discovery of a ninth planet in our solar system and the sensational detection of gravitational waves made worldwide headlines. These discoveries are only the tip of an unimaginably large iceberg.


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Season 1: 2016
Season 2: 2017
Season 3: 2018 // NEW


Season 1: 6 x 60min in HD
Season 2: 6 x 60min in HD
Season 3: 6 x 60min in HD