Latest Projects


Latest Projects

Behind Bars: The World's Toughest Prisons

Documentary Sub-Genre: Crime / Society

Duration: 6 x 60' HD, produced in 2016

The World's Toughest Prisons will reveal what it really means to be part of this very special world - from different angles. At each prison we visit, the audience will be immersed into daily prison life. The viewer will experience firsthand the challenges each guard faces on a daily basis; likewise, he will learn about the prisoner's struggles to develop strategies for survival. He will get the unique chance to discover the personalities who live behind the bars...

Evil Knows! - In the Name of Science

Documentary Sub-Genre: Pop Science

Duration: 6 x 60' HD, produced in 2016

Evil Knows! is a highly entertaining pop-science show hosted by Evil Jared Hasselhoff, member of the world class pop group 'The Blood Hound Gang'. In the show Evil embarks on a search for significant (and sometimes not so significant) myths and phenomena from daily life, and gets to the bottom of them. Each episode is comprised of six different scientific (in an Evil-sense) categories...

Giant Constructions - The World's Most Spectacular Bridges

Documentary Sub-Genre: Science

Duration: 5 x 60' HD, produced in 2016

Amongst the most epic structures to be found on this planet, they are the giants: The world’s most spectacular bridges! These technical masterpieces have become more and more complex and impressive, meaning that those who design and build them are repeatedly trumping their contemporaries.

The Greatest Crimes of All Time!

Documentary Sub-Genre: Crime

Duration: 10 x 60' HD, produced in 2017

Murders, kidnappings, extortions and hostage-takings: The Greatest Crimes of All Time! documents crimes that attracted a lot of worldwide attention and to this day the public as well as the investigators and victims can't get over them.

Remeasuring the World

Documentary Sub-Genre: Science / Society

Duration: 1 x 60' HD, produced in 2016

150 million square kilometers – that's the size of the world's surface. Despite services like google maps, there are still black spots on the worldwide map. Until now. 200 years after Alexander von Humboldt's expeditions, radar satellites, drones and propelled special cameras are remeasuring the world. To the centimeter and around the clock.


Documentary Sub-Genre: Science

Duration: 6 x 60' HD, produced in 2016

The universe has been fascinating mankind for many centuries. Scientists have been studying time and space and trying to put together a giant puzzle...

Global Child TV

Documentary Sub-Genre: Adventure / Travel

Duration Season 1: 10 x 30' 4k, produced in 2016

Global Child's host Augusto uses social media to connect to amazing people as he explores the world, sharing inspiration through incredible adventures. In each episode, Augusto explores an uplifting life lesson by unwrapping it through new friends as they share adventure, laughter, spirituality and exploration. The audience will not only learn about Augusto's experiences, but also how to use social media to discover all those incredible adventures themselves.

Planet School

Documentary Sub-Genre: Cultural / Social

Duration: 8 x 30' HD, available in 2018

This show takes small and large viewers to the most extraordinary schools around the globe. Planet School follows youngsters, aged between 8 and 17, in an ordinary day as a school kid in places which are anything else than ordinary. For half an hour we will peek into their world - their microcosms.

Mega Transports

Documentary Sub-Genre: Science / Pop Science

Duration: 6 x 60' HD, produced in 2017

Everyone knows heavy haulage: large parts are transported on big trucks with yellow warning lights on streets. However, all that is 'peanuts' compared to our 'mega transports': heavier, larger, more complicated and more unusual.

Ultimate Vehicles

Documentary Sub-Genre: Science / Pop Science

Duration: 6 x 60' HD, produced in 2017

The in this show presented vehicles are truly the ultimate vehicles ever built by man. The six episodes show the most incredible civil and military aircraft that have ever taken off into the skies. Ultimate Vehicles further presents the most breath-taking tanks ever built. The documentary series shows the most spectacular ships and trains ever built and it shows us the ultimate vehicles on four wheels money can buy.

Giant Hubs

Documentary Sub-Genre: Science / Pop Science

Duration: 6 x 60' HD, available in 2018

This series will shed a light on the hubs that make us go around the world. This six-part series will showcase some of the world's biggest transportation hubs with international travellers and international freight making their ways to far flung destinations every minute of the day and night. A 24/7 365 day per year non-stop happening, providing jobs for thousands.

Mega Pit Stops

Documentary Sub-Genre: Science / Pop Science

Duration: 5 x 60' HD, available in 2018

The series shows what happens, when an Airbus A380 gets taken apart and stripped of its colors within a crazy short time frame. Mega Pit Stops documents how stressful the fight against the clock is when a cruise ship descends to the pit stop or one of the fastest trains in the world has to be completely overhauled in just ten days.

The Most Dangerous Ways To School

Documentary Sub-Genre: Cultural / Social

Duration Season 1: 5 x 60' HD, produced in 2013
Duration Season 2: 5 x 60' HD, produced in 2015

Facing the most extreme conditions, the children in this series must march, climb or swim their way to school. In doing so, they fear neither brutal cold nor dangerous terrain. They must conquer floods and face wild animals. And yet they have only one goal in sight: a better life. But the path towards this goal is a breath-taking mixture of adventure and danger...